ThrashFest 2010: setlist

Il ThrashFest sarà oggi a Bologna pronto per spazzare via tutto ciò che incontra davanti a sé. Si esibiranno sullo stesso palco (quello dell'Estragon di Bologna) Kreator, Exodus, Death Angel e Suicidal Angels per uno show senza compromessi. Noi vi proponiamo i brani che molto probabilmente saranno scelti dalle band per l'esibizione live. Eccoli per voi!


1. The Patriarch (Intro)
2. Violent Revolution
3. Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
4. Phobia
5. Terrible Certainty
6. Betrayer
7. Voices of the Dead
8. Enemy of God
9. Destroy What Destroys You
10. Amok Run
11. Endless Pain
12. People of the Lie
13. Pleasure to Kill
14. Coma of Souls
15. Choir of the Damned
16. The Pestilence
17. Flag of Hate
18. Tormentor


1. The Ballad of Leonard and Charles
2. Beyond the Pale
3. A Lesson In Violence
4. Deathamphetamine
5. Blacklist
6. War Is My Shepherd
7. Bonded By Blood
8. The Toxic Waltz
9. Strike Of The Beast
10. Good Riddance


1. I Chose the Sky
2. Evil Priest
3. Buried Alive
4. Mistress of Pain
5. Claws In So Deep
6. Seemingly Endless Time
7. Truce
8. River of Rapture
9. The Ultra-Violence/Thrown to the Wolves


1. Reborn In Violence
2. Bleeding Holocaust
3. Dead Again
4. Violent Abuse
5. Beggar of scorn
6. …Lies
7. Final Dawn
8. Apokathilosis